250 people booked for Ruckus at the Tribal Hostel in Harmu | Ranchi News

Ranchi: A day after violence erupted at Naveen Sarna hostel in Ganganagar settlement in Harmu, police filed an FIR against 250 people.
A mob of more than 100 people ransacked the hostel premises on Wednesday due to a dispute over ownership of the land where the hostel is located. According to our information, the case is currently before the courts.
Local resident Ajay Tirkey said the land where the hostel is located was donated by its owner in 2011 and no one has claimed it since then.
However, a Bishu Oraon, a local tribal a few days ago claimed that the land belonged to his ancestors.
In the FIR, police personnel named several people, including Bishu Oraon, for inciting the crowd.
Sukhdeonagar Police Station Officer in Charge Mamta Kumari said, “We are looking into the matter and verifying the allegations. The main accused, Bishu Oraon, has not yet been arrested.
There is anguish and fear among the 150 inmates at the hostel after the rowdiness. “The violent mob damaged the inn’s perimeter wall, bathroom, hall, kitchen, roof and rooms. Armed with an axe, sticks, hammers, bricks and a catapult, they attacked us as we tried to stop them, they even snatched our phones and threw it away,” said an inmate at the hostel.
Political and social activists held a meeting on Thursday to condemn the incident. Participants including MPs Rajsesh Kacchap and Bandhu Tirkey, former minister Geetashree Oraon and student leader Ajay Toppo demanded the immediate arrest of the culprits involved in the incident, adequate security measures for the students, the installation of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras and repair of damage to hostel.
Toppo said, “A delegation also met with the Chief Superintendent of Police (SSP) with the demands.”

Linda G. Ibarra