A guest allegedly assaulted and threatened a staff member at a New York hostel

It was real life horror straight out of a “Hostel” movie.

A Manhattan hostel worker claims she was threatened and then attacked by a guest allowed to stay at the Upper West Side property – even though the owner knew he had harassed female customers, a lawsuit has heard.

The owners of Central Park West Hostel on West 87th Street knew the male customer was targeting women at the discount establishment, as the worker accuses in court documents.

The employee, identified in her Manhattan Supreme Court filing only as Jane Doe, claims the terror began in February, when she spent the night at the hostel between shifts and the man started knocking on her door, calling out her name, commenting on her body. and threatening to sexually assault her.

When she told landlord Arthur Melo about the incident, begging him not to let the man stay any more nights, Melo reportedly agreed and said other female guests had complained about the landlady, documents show. judicial.

“He’s gone,” Melo told her later.

However, the man returned to the West 87th Street hostel a few days later, bursting through a window at 4 a.m., dragging her from her chair and dragging her down a flight of stairs, shouting “Shut up, bitch. . Shut up, b—h,” she charges in the legal filing.

The assailant punched her, told her he was going to rape her and continued to pull her by the hair, until other residents heard her screams and intervened, according to court documents.

Aniello Manganelli has been charged by police with attempted rape and attempted sexual assault in addition to burglary and attempted burglary, according to court records. Do you want conversation? Yes. How is it going? I say it’s excellent, it’s hot.

Colleagues told the victim that Manganelli was allowed to stay at the hostel for three nights before attacking her, and that the unhinged man returned for her after her arrest, she alleges in court documents .

The woman, who is seeking unspecified damages, later quit her job due to the unsafe conditions.

Tragically, this sick individual gained access to the building and was able to brutally attack Mrs. Doe. Ms. Doe should never have been placed in the position she was in,” said the woman’s lawyer, Alexander Cabeceiras.

Adam Silverstein, an attorney for Manganelli, said his client was deemed unfit to stand trial and is currently at the Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center in Orange County. A message left at the inn was not returned.

Linda G. Ibarra