Bharathiar University students seek protection – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

COIMBATORE: Female students in hostels at Bharathiar University said they were worried about their safety as strangers entered the hostels at night.
Students staged a protest outside the university on Thursday to highlight the problem and demand protection.

“We have been dealing with the problem for three weeks. Every night between 00:00 and 02:00, a group of half-naked men break into the campus. They knock on the doors of our rooms and throw torches through the windows. Sometimes, they are stealing our belongings,” Rama (name changed) a PG sophomore said, adding that the gang tried to break into their room on Wednesday night.

“One of them behaved in a scary way. We sounded the alarm and they escaped. We don’t know how they entered the building unnoticed by anyone,” another said. student.
There are 5 girl hostels on the university campus. Of this number, two buildings are located near the edge of the forest. About 550 students are staying in these buildings and they are facing the problem, sources said.
The students said that at first they thought the gang members were students playing pranks, but as the days passed they realized they were strangers from outside.
“Even after filing several complaints, the guards took no action for our safety. Instead, they teased us that we had an illusion. Following our protest, the rector promised to take action “said an environmental science student. .

The students demanded that CCTV surveillance be stepped up in and around hostels and that adequate female security personnel be appointed. Also, they demanded that no one can enter the hostel without permission.

Vice Chancellor P Kaliraj said: “The issue of the intrusion of strangers and breach of security was only brought to my attention by the students on Wednesday. We identified the female security staff and they will be appointed in three days. Maximum number of CCTV cameras are available in the hostel campus, but some of them are malfunctioning. They will be fixed soon,” he said.
Meanwhile, Vadavalli police, who spoke to students, said they would deploy personnel to campus at night until female security personnel were appointed.

Linda G. Ibarra