Delhi College “in a place” between Cow Research Center and Girls Hostel

The director said the center would research cows and provide milk and ghee to students

A section of students have started an online petition to oppose the cow research center at Hansraj College.

Hansraj College Delhi has opened a cow protection and research center on its campus, which has not been well received by some of the students.

Director Dr Rama Sharma said the centre, which has only one cow, will initiate research on “various aspects of the animal” and will also provide “pure milk and ghee” to students and the Monthly “havan” (prayer ritual) conducted on the College campus. The college also plans to start a gobar gas plant, which will be supported by the center.

Hansraj College is one of the most reputable colleges in Delhi University and is ranked 14 in the government’s National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF).

Dr Sharma said the centre, named Swami Dayanand Saraswati Gau-Samwardhan ewam Anusandhan Kendra, will be expanded “if the research carried out proves useful and beneficial”.


The college principal said that the college holds a “havan” every month and needs pure ghee, which will now be provided by the research center. “We will become self-sufficient in this aspect,” she said.

The Student Federation of India (SFI) objected to the college management’s decision, arguing that the ‘gaushala’ was set up on land reserved for girls’ hostels.

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“SFI Hansraj unconditionally condemns and protests against the construction of a GauShala…on the very site which was set aside for a women’s hostel whose construction has been suspended for many years now…We find it disgusting that our college administration is giving priority to the ‘protection and promotion’ of cows instead of struggling students whose interests are set aside for such an absurd decision,” read a statement released by the SFI.

The IFC says college authorities have created a “gaushala” in the name of the Swami Dayanand Cow Research and Protection Center. The principal countered their argument by saying that the college had no intention of setting up a gaushala. The principal said that if the college wanted to set up a gaushala, they would have allocated a larger area of ​​land for it.

Meanwhile, a section of students started an online petition to oppose the center at Hansraj College.

Linda G. Ibarra