Delhi: The Hansraj cow center instead of a hostel for girls, according to students | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: A group of students from Hansraj College have claimed that the Swami Dayanand Saraswati Cow Protection Research Center, which was built two months ago inside the Delhi University institution , was installed on a site reserved for a hostel for women. The college principal denied the allegation.
The college administration prioritizes the “protection and promotion of cows” over the misfortunes facing female students, the students alleged. “Our administration demanded payment of full fees during the pandemic, even though most of our families were facing economic hardship. We now learn that although the campus has been closed, the college has completed the construction of a full-fledged gaushala without any discussion with the student community,” said Samaa, Unit President of the Student Federation of India (SFI) college.
According to an SFI statement, girls from outside the National Capital Region find it “terribly difficult to find safe and affordable housing. Setting up a hostel on campus – especially for scholarship or reservation students who can get concessions – is the best option for furthering their education.”
However, manager Rama Sharma said, “The location of the center has nothing to do with the grounds of the hostel. This particular piece of land was used to perform RT-PCR tests during the second wave of Covid-19 and it doesn’t even have enough space to build a hostel.
She said the center was built for research purposes to explore possibilities for the college to become ‘self-sufficient’ in dairy products. “We follow Arya Samaj, and once a month the college organizes havans, for which products like ghee and cow dung are needed,” she said. Following DU’s decision to push innovation projects, the college is trying to see if it “can become self-sufficient,” she said.
The college plans to build a hostel for 100 girls, but has launched an online tender for a smaller one that can accommodate 25 to 30 students at the moment, the principal said.

Linda G. Ibarra