Delhi University set to reopen, no hostel for students for a month | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: As University of Delhi (DU) students are set to return to campus from February 17 after a two-year hiatus, several colleges have said hostel facilities will not be available until at least a month as the admissions process had to be undertaken. first.
Following the Covid-19 outbreak, DU switched to online course mode from March 2020 and its hostels were also evacuated by residents thereafter.
At least two academic sessions have started without admissions to the hostel. Many principals said that while colleges were ready to welcome students back, hostels would not be available until later.
Manoj Khanna, Principal of Ramjas College, said: ‘It is not possible to allocate rooms right away as the admissions process has not even started yet. This will take at least another month as we first need to issue the notice, then give students a substantial lead time to apply and finally publish the shortlist.
Hostel admissions have not happened for the past two years and now we have to go through this whole process. Until then, students will have to look for accommodation elsewhere and there is no other choice. Even at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, it will take at least a month before hostels can be opened for female students.
Principal Suman Sharma said: ‘The hostels have been closed for two years and proper renovations are underway to ensure students can return. We will most likely reopen hostels a month later. However, we will start inviting applications for hostel accommodation in a day or two.
The colleges also receive queries and requests from distant students regarding their inability to travel to Delhi on the appointed day. As online classes will be discontinued from February 17, principals said appropriate assistance will be provided to students who may end up missing some lessons. SP Aggarwal, Principal of Ramanujan College, said: “For the freshmen, we have decided to continue the courses online and complete their courses as soon as possible. There will be no restrictions on them as their exams are also due in March.
For the other two batches, students will have to come to campus. For those joining a little later, we are trying to see if the lectures can be downloaded online for their reference. We have also allocated two periods for each teacher to deal with these students.
Stating that additional time could be given to such students, Gargi College Principal Promila Kumar said: “We are getting several requests from students but it is the decision of the university and we have to comply with it. ”

Linda G. Ibarra