Does this JNU hostel offer free accommodation for Muslims and no Hindus? No, the viral claim is false!

A photo has gone viral on social media showing a building bearing the name J&K Hostel. The caption accompanying the viral photo claims that the building was built for JNU students from Jammu and Kashmir.

The claim has gone viral amid recent violence at the JNU Ram Navami campus. ABVP and JNU members clashed over meat service in JNU’s Kavery Inn on the occasion of Ram Navami. Misinformation about this incident also circulated on social media.


The photo bears a caption that claims the building pictured is not a five-star hotel but a hostel which was built by the Congress government in 2012 for JNU students from Jammu and Kashmir.

The post claims that the hostel has 400 rooms and no Hindu students or students of other religions can stay at the hostel. Meanwhile, the post also claims that Muslim students would stay at the hostel for free, allegedly at the expense of Indian taxpayers.

The text of the article reads: “This is not a five-star hotel. This is a hostel built by the Congress government in 2012 for JNU J&K students. It has 400 rooms .In this hostel no hindu or other religion can stay .Students of Islam f on JK will stay for free and study here the cost of all our Indian taxpayers money.After completing the course they will shout slogans against the Indian nation. Which secular party is the Congress?”

A Facebook user shared this post and wrote a caption that reads: ‘Congress atrocities’.

It is widely shared on Facebook with similar claims.

Fact check:

The Logical Indian Fact Check team verified the virus claim and found it to be false. The photo circulating is actually that of the J&K hostel in Jamia Millia Islamia. Moreover, the claim is misleading.

We did a reverse image search on the viral image through which we came across the following Facebook post. Facebook page, Kashmir today, shared photos of the hostel from different angles. The caption states that the J&K hostel at Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi was inaugurated.

We also found this post on Facebook which includes an image from another angle with the caption that the building pictured is J&K Hostel in Jamia Islamia.

We did some keyword research with the above information and came across this hostel manual for the year 2019-20 issued by Jamia Islamia. The manual had this photo of the hostel with details.

The hostel manual mentions the eligibility criteria for admission to the J&K hostel. The handbook states that accommodation at the University Hostel is only available to bona fide students of full-time courses.

The other two conditions are:

b) Candidates must have obtained a minimum of 45% total points in the last qualifying examination.

c) As places are limited in hostels, students whose parents/spouses reside and work in Delhi/NCR are not necessarily eligible for hostel accommodation.

The manual clearly states that admission to the hostel is based on merit only. Admission criteria does not mention religion or free accommodation on the basis of religion. The only exception for the rent waiver in the hostel is in the case of students with physical disabilities and whose parents’ annual income is not more than Rs 1.50 lakhs per year.

We also discovered this report by The citizen which was about a protest by female students residing at the hostel. The report mentions that the hostel with a capacity of 700 students was inaugurated in 2017.

A Hindu Report also states that the hostel was first conceptualized in 2012. The hostel is funded by the Ministry of Interior through a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Jamia Islamia University and J&K Government.

According to reports, first preference for selection is given to female students of J&K followed by other female students who stay at a distance of at least 1000 km from Delhi.


During our investigation, we found that the hostel is not from JNU campus but is located in Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi. The hostel was inaugurated in 2017 under the BJP government and is funded by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Jamia Islamia University and the J&K government.

There is no free accommodation for Muslim students or Jammu and Kashmir students in the hostel and admission is completely merit based. The only exception is in the case of physically disabled students in a certain income category. First preference for girls hostel admission is for female students from Jammu and Kashmir. Therefore, the viral claim is false.

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Linda G. Ibarra