End of the investigation into drugs in a school hostel

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A youngster has been referred to the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration for a suspected drugs offence, following an incident at Papdale Halls of Residence.

The police confirmed this Sunday evening that an investigation was concluded into the incident, which resulted in the transport of five young people to the emergency room after consuming an unknown substance contained in a capsule.

The incident began Wednesday evening. Two of the youths involved were kept under observation and treated and both were released on Thursday evening.

Following their investigations, officers now believe there are no more capsules in circulation, but are still urging people to be cautious.

If any suspect tablets, capsules or powders are found, please ensure they are given to a parent, teacher, police officer or other responsible adult for safe disposal.

OCI Executive Director for Education, Leisure and Housing, James Wylie, said: “Despite the rapid conclusion of this investigation, we will continue to work with Police Scotland on informative and preventive educational sessions for pupils. , staff and parents in secondary schools and departments, including Papdale Halls.

Linda G. Ibarra