FIR against violation of girls’ shelters security recorded after 17 days; “We are i-Edexlive

Two weeks after student protests at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, which were organized to address a lack of security at the girls’ hostel which allegedly led to a stranger trespassing overnight, district police of Coimbatore recorded a case on April 19, Friday.

The FIR was officially registered about 17 days after the student protest. “The police, who are quick to register even the most insignificant cases, have moved slowly to register the FIR in this issue, even though it is linked to hundreds of female students,” they alleged.

Even after we filed a complaint that our belongings had gone missing directly to the police, they showed no interest, said a student at the hostel.

Instead of registering an FIR, the police offered night patrols. It is suspected that the delay in registering an FIR is because once it is registered, the pressure will be on them to undertake a formal investigation and immediately arrest the suspects, the suspected student.

“The security devices would have been reinforced. But every night we are in a nightmare. The guards ask us not to open the doors if someone knocks at night. The situation will continue until the police arrest the foreigners “said another student.

According to the students, the issue of intrusion by strangers during night hours and attempted thefts was brought to the attention of the university administration a month ago. Since there were no appropriate answers, they staged a protest on March 31 in front of the university.

The protest was pulled after they were assured of security measures and the matter will be brought to the police for investigation. But the police did not register the case even after receiving the complaint. The unknown intrusion continued until last week.

The university registrar filed another complaint with video evidence. The police registered the case on April 16, Friday, under articles 457, 380 and 511 of the CPI.

According to the police report, the university registrar K Murugavel (58) said in his complaint that an unknown person on Sunday April 10, early in the morning at around 1:40 a.m., entered the girls’ hostel by breaking the window. Also, he attempted to steal a laptop.

As one of the hostel students threw a stick at him, the person gave up the attempt and managed to escape the premises. “We handed over the written complaint to the police on March 31 itself. Immediately, they provide security assistance. But we don’t know why they took so long to register the file,” said the university’s vice-chancellor, P Kaliraj.

When questioned, a police officer from the Vadavalli police station said he took the time to verify the veracity of the complaint. “We are working to find the alien and are frequently monitoring the campus,” said the officer, who did not want to be named.

In addition, the university management has reinforced security measures to their best level. “As many as 27 ex-servicemen and some female security personnel are deployed to bolster campus security and two watchtowers have been installed to facilitate aerial surveillance. As many as 18 CCTV cameras are provided to monitor the movements around the campus. In addition, we plan to fix four-foot-high galvanized sheets for 500 meters on a compound wall to prevent wall jumps,” Kaliraj said.

There are 1,279 students staying in 11 hostels, including five girl hostels. The latest, Vasugi’s hostel, which sits on the edge of campus, frequently witnesses intrusions from outsiders as it is located near the edge of the forest, sources said.

Linda G. Ibarra