How St Christopher’s Inn Became Europe’s Hostel –

So you want to travel around Europe, catch shows and meet like-minded party people without breaking the bank? You must stay at St Christophers Inn hostels. Here’s why.


Whether you’re traveling solo or with a crew, staying at a hostel offers the unique opportunity to connect with kindred spirits around the world.

What makes St Christopher’s Inn hostels so popular are their stellar locations. Each of the locations in Europe is centrally located and close to local attractions, pharmacies, grocery stores and public transportation.

St Christopher’s Inn hostels are located in the following locations:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Berlin
  • Brugge
  • amsterdam
  • prague
  • Edinburgh
  • Bath
  • Newquay
  • Barcelona

For those looking to experience the local EDM scene, when we say centrally located, we mean it. The London Bridge Village location, for example, is just a 10-minute walk from London’s iconic Ministry of Sound nightclub and 15 minutes by train or bus from XOYO, Fabric, Cargo and Village Underground, all stalwarts of London’s dance music scene.

Ministry of Sound London - Greg Downey

At Belushi

Besides the location, the atmosphere of the hostel alone is worth the stay. One of their four key values ​​is fun, and nothing epitomizes fun more than a Belushi party bar or traditional British pub in every location.

Having a meeting place on site for customers to eat great food and have a drink really adds to the experience. It’s easy to see why this would be a great pre-party, post-party or even non-stop party destination in Europe.

Belushi's London Bridge.

Belushi’s London Bridge.


Speaking of food, although Belushi’s menu may seem like standard pub fare, each establishment offers dishes specific to the country in which it is located. For example, you can try Berlin currywurst and pork schnitzel in Berlin or bitterballen (Dutch meatballs) in Amsterdam. as well as local versions of pub classics like the El Matador burger with melted manchego cheese or smoked Spanish ham in Barcelona.

St Christopher's Inns - Belushis - Berlin Schnitzel

Pork cutlet at Belushi’s Berlin.

Bitterballen - Belushi's Amsterdam

Bitterballen at Belushi’s Amsterdam.


Value is another of St Christopher’s Inn key values. As mentioned above, they intentionally reduce the cost of food and drink so everyone can have a good time without breaking the bank.

Generally, hostels are an ideal choice for young people and backpackers, as they are an affordable accommodation option. With the option of sleeping in a dorm, shared room, or private room, the cost per night ranges from €14.00 to €98.00, often including free breakfast.

St Christopher's Inn - Amsterdam Bunk Room

St. Christopher’s Inn, The Winston, Amsterdam.


Staff at St Christopher’s Inns vary from city to city, but you are guaranteed to meet friendly, knowledgeable people to answer your questions and guide you on your journey. Many of the hostel staff are travelers and expats themselves used to conversing and working with international guests. Many also work at Belushi as servers or bartenders and they are your best resources for personalized advice on where to party in your city of choice.

Belushi's London Bridge Staff

Belushi’s London Bridge staff.

Cultural relevance

The St Christopher’s Inns are making a lasting impact on their surroundings, either by taking over buildings of historical significance or by creating a new hub for international travelers and young locals. Here’s what some staff members had to say about the locations they oversee:


“Historically the area had little traffic, few pedestrians, most of them coming or going to the cinemas that populated the area, or to the Zurich café (opened in 1920) which was the main terrace of the whole Then block, in 1998 the Triangle mini mall opened and the area started to fill with more tourists, visitors, pedestrians.Being a hostel and having the main bar in the block caused an influx of youthful energy and multicultural, making the whole place more visible, bringing in more traffic and generally giving it more life.” – Alex De Luca, Marketing Manager in Barcelona

Belushi's Barcelona

Belushi’s Barcelona.

Amsterdam – The Winston

“The Winston building has a long history in Amsterdam and existed long before Beds and Bars took over in 2005. There has always been a bar and hotel in this location which dates back around 200 years and has grown seamlessly with the many incarnations of the neighborhood. The Warmoesstraat, the street we are located on, was once filled with cafes, sex shops, gay bars, nightclubs and late night bars. We were and are still one of the last places to stay open to the street, so it’s safe to say that over the years we’ve encountered everyone from the locals who live and work in the area to the many customers and visitors who come explore the Wallen.” – Keith Wallace, Amsterdam Marketing Manager

St Christophers Inn - The Winston - Amsterdam - Edgy Counterculture 80s-90s Wall Art

St. Christopher’s Inn, The Winston, Amsterdam.

Belushi's Amsterdam

Belushi’s Amsterdam.

London – London Bridge – The Village

“St Christopher’s Inns London Bridge opened in 1999 becoming the largest hostel we had at the time. Prior to this the building operated as a traditional old pub called the Dun Horse which was closed in 1877, it also existed as a warehouse for the South -Western Railway The area has always been busy as it is a major hub very close to Borough Market and London Bridge, but the arrival of our sites has attracted many more young people travelers and created a hub where expats and locals alike would meet and mingle, thanks to the variety of late night offerings and famous parties.Now the venue continues to attract young travelers to the area and the bar attracts many many sports enthusiasts, cocktail enthusiasts as well as lovers of late-night parties with our live bands and DJs.” – Sophie Herbert, Marketing Director at Beds and Bars

London Bridge from Belushi - Village

London Bridge from Belushi – Village

London Bridge from Belushi - Village

London Bridge from Belushi – Village


St Christopher’s Inn opened in Berlin Alexanderplatz on November 1, 2006. It was actually a hostel even before we took possession of the building, called Circus Hostel. The neighborhood has completely changed since we opened, with many new buildings springing up here since then. St Christopher’s Inn and Belushi’s have definitely brought a strong party vibe to the area, especially compared to before. At first the bar never closed so people could come in anytime to buy a beer, although this has changed in recent years. We started offering a great central location for locals, tourists and expats to watch sports. There are no other bars like ours that offer such a range of games – certainly not in this area. We also offer a great place for expats to come for their nation’s celebrations. I don’t know of any other bar in town that hosts such a wide range of national holidays in addition to more widely celebrated holiday events.” – Kate Woods, Marketing Manager, Berlin

Belushi's Berlin.

Belushi’s Berlin.


“The building was originally a warehouse, used throughout the years between 1800-1900 for the storage of fish and meat, wood, coal, sugar and grain. In 1920 the building was taken over by artists who set up their studios there until a fire ravaged the building. New architects then decided to build a hostel and a hotel in the reinvented building. Before moving in, the area was much more of a center of work with many residential buildings around and, particularly when the building was inhabited by artists, the area, in general, was a much cheaper place to live in. Little tourism passed through the canal zone as it needed renovation, however, when the science museum was built in 1986, not too far beyond the effort to attract more tourists to the 19th arrondissement began, the building was transformed into a hotel and au riverbank which has given new life to the district.

The opening of Belushi’s and St Christopher’s in 2008 meant that hundreds of young tourists flocked to the area every night to party. In turn, countless new bars, restaurants and tourist attractions have opened in the area, encouraging crowds of international visitors to pass through, making it a destination for locals, students and tourists. The bar has given diversity to the neighborhood with its very Anglo vibe. Live sports, live music and big events have made the area a destination for people who want to go out and party.” – Greg Walsh, Managing Director of Paris Canal

St Christopher's Inn Paris - Canal - Terrace

Auberge St Christophe – Paris Canal – Terrace

St Christopher's Inn Paris - Canal - Dormitory

St Christopher’s Inn – Paris Canal – Dorms


Those who are new to the hostel experience and may be tired of leaving their belongings in a shared space need not worry. A third key value at St Christopher’s Inn is to ensure the safety of your belongings. Most rooms have lockers located under the beds so you can store your belongings in a secure place with a padlock. This gives you peace of mind knowing that all of your belongings will be both stowed away and locked away so you can party worry-free.

As a hostel, St Christopher’s Inn is committed to keeping our guests safe, “whether you’re drinking in our bars or sleeping in our beds”.

Lobby of St Christopher's Inn London Bridge

With safety, value and enjoyment at the heart of St Christopher’s Inn values, years of cultural relevance and community support – and the best locations in Europe’s most desirable countries – St Christopher’s Inns has established itself as the go-to hostel destination for party chain all over Europe.



Linda G. Ibarra