How two UNIZIK lovers died in a hostel room

Two students, a male and a female from Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK), Awka, were found dead on Sunday last week in a private school hostel.

A source close to the University said the first bedroom at William’s Lodge had been forced open following a strong stench coming from it.

The source said that due to the level of decomposition that caused the strong stench, the duo may have died days ago without their neighbors knowing.

The cause of death was unclear, but some students believe there may have been a physical fight between the duo that led to their deaths.

A source said one of the probable causes of their deaths was that the boy during their fight could have strangled the girl believed to be his girlfriend and realizing the girl was dead, committed suicide.

Police, along with SUG officials and the girl’s parents, are believed to have evacuated the bodies this evening to a morgue in Awka for further investigation.

Anambra Police spokesman DSP Ikenga Tuchukwu who confirmed the incident said the account was not correct but revealed there was no stench. The girl did not answer calls, which worried her parents. They reported to the police who forced the door open. No marks of violence on the bodies. They apparently died of carbon monoxide poisoning from generator fumes. The generator was found in an enclosure facing the room.

The police added that the cause of their death will be determined after the autopsy.


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