IIT-Madras new student hostel ‘Mandakini’ commissioned

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras opened its largest hostel, Mandakini, with a capacity of 1,200 students on Monday. It includes 10 apartments with adjoining bathrooms for disabled people.

A total of 203 single rooms, 506 double rooms and three guest rooms have been provided.

The institute razed an older building and constructed the 10-storey structure for an estimate of ₹146.75 crore.

Its built-up area is 32,180 m² and is rated for a 4-star rating by Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA), a national rating system for green buildings.

Energy-efficient and recycled materials, solar panels and solar water heaters were used for construction, officials said.

Rainwater recharge pits have been installed inside the building. Wastewater generated by the building would be used for toilet flushing and landscaping to reduce water consumption. Surface and roof rainwater is treated and reused as drinking water.

The design provided for natural light in every hallway and room. The interaction area has a transparent light roof at terrace level.

The institute’s director, V. Kamakoti, said the institute prides itself “on providing top quality accommodation for students” on campus.

SA Sannasiraj, Chairman of the Institute’s Engineering Unit, said, “The hostel was built without much delay despite the COVID-19 pandemic and meets all the home and relaxation needs of students. “.

Four badminton courts, a fitness center, two reading rooms, an open central court in addition to a basketball and volleyball court and a cricket training ground with net were provided.

Trees that were to be removed from the premises have been transplanted, according to a statement from the institute. The hostel toilets are equipped with mechanical ventilation. The hostel also provided ramps, stairs and elevators, a press release added.

Unique characteristics

It has 10 rooms with adjoining toilets for the disabled

The hostel will have 203 single rooms and 506 double rooms

Four badminton courts, a basketball court, a volleyball court, and a cricket practice ground

The design provided for natural light in every hallway and room

Linda G. Ibarra