Inside the Rwanda hostel where Channel migrants will be kept for processing

The accommodation block, which has 12 toilets and 12 showers, is a private hostel called Hope Guest House, part of a 2,000 square meter site on which an asylum processing center will also be based .

The Rwandan government intends to reach an agreement with the landowner to lease the site, where it plans to build two more accommodation blocks so that a total of 300 migrants can reside there at any one time.

Those who are sent back to Rwanda and whose asylum request is rejected could be sent back to their country of origin or to another country where they have the right to reside.

Sending migrants to Rwanda is a key part of the government’s illegal immigration strategy, which the prime minister and interior minister launched on Thursday.

Mr Johnson warned that ‘vile’ smugglers were ‘turning the English Channel into a watery graveyard’, with migrants ‘drowning in unseaworthy boats and suffocating in refrigerated lorries’.

According to plans, the military will take control of the English Channel and patrol with drones, Wildcat helicopters and boats with a view to intercepting small vessels before or as soon as they arrive on British soil.

Ministers believe increased surveillance at the border – backed by a £50million investment – ​​will allow officials to gather better evidence for criminal investigations, “ensuring that more people smugglers who trade in these life-threatening journeys can be prosecuted and brought to justice. to justice”.

Linda G. Ibarra