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Tbilisi is the largest city and the capital of the small (but beautiful) post-Soviet country of Georgia. Georgia is one of the most rewarding destinations in the world nestled between Russia and Turkey in the Caucasus Mountains. The Republic of Georgia might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of where to go for a hipster scene – but having a hipster scene, it sure is!

The Fabrika Hostel is perhaps the best place for hip and trendy travellers. “Fabrika” is the word for a “factory” and the hostel was fashioned from an old abandoned factory. Travelers who like hipster places in America (which only hipsters can understand) will probably feel very comfortable in this quirky hostel.

Fabrika Tbilisi’s hipster hostel

The hostel is more of a hotel/hostel hybrid. While most hostels focus on “hostel vibe” and community, Fabrika Tbilisi is a bit different. There’s a hostel vibe to it but it’s a bit different (more remote working and a chill cafe/bar vibe).

  • Hybrid: It’s a hotel/hostel hybrid
  • Location: Excellent central location

The common area is a large spacious bar/cafe/restaurant equipped with many antique armchairs. There are shelves with old books to read, a fair amount of potted plants and various nostalgic pieces from the old factory.

  • Digital Nomads: It’s a magnet for digital nomads all over town
  • Staff: All speak English (but don’t expect American level service)

It’s a popular hangout and workspace that attracts digital nomads from across the city. It’s common to see about half of customers busy typing on their laptops. That being said, there is something of a shortage of power outlets – especially near a chair.

Point: If you come to work, come with your computer fully charged

The atmosphere is ambient and relaxed. In the morning, the music is slow and dreamy. Before the pandemic there were live concerts and other events, but now there are only free walking tours and yoga classes.

One can immediately see that this is the place to be with the perfect mix of international travellers, expats and local Georgians that it attracts.

One will be greeted with lots of graffiti and street art and a rustic old elevator that you probably haven’t seen in the West.

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Food and drinks at the restaurant:

Fabrika offers cheap accommodation but also focuses on getting its customers to pay for food and drink in its bar and restaurant. There is a small hidden kitchen in the back for his guests to prepare their own food, but they are not allowed to eat it in the main cooling space and should have it in this small room.

  • To eat lunch: Not included
  • Vacation home: A small kitchen is provided but hidden and outside food is not permitted in the main area
  • Breakfast buffet : An excellent buffet breakfast is available for around $10.00
  • Georgian wine: Is famous in post-Soviet countries and Eastern Europe for its quality
  • Georgian cuisine: Considered one of the best in the region

Drinks outside are also not allowed in the main lounging area and one is supposed to drink it in the small kitchen or in one’s room.

Breakfast is not included in the price, but they have a great buffet breakfast for around $10.00 (coffee included).

Their restaurant mainly serves burgers, salads and drinks. To order food, simply scan the barcodes placed all around on the tables, this redirects to an application from which one orders.

Outdoor courtyard

Outside is a courtyard with a range of other dining options. There’s traditional Georgian food, Asian food (including sushi), burgers and even a rather interesting bar/hairdresser. That’s right! There’s a place with a bar on one side and a barber on the other!

  • Yard: The courtyard outside as several very different dining options

It’s a hangout space that attracts hipsters and expats from all over the city. The courtyard is surrounded on all sides by the old factory.

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Accommodation options

A range of accommodation (listed on Hostelworld) is offered with a choice of dormitory and private accommodation. All prices are for the winter off season.

  • 12-bed mixed dormitory: $8.50
  • 6-bed mixed dormitory: $12.00
  • 3-bed mixed dormitory: $15.50
  • Private room: $59.00 (Queen bed with bathroom)
  • Apartment-style suite: $118.00

For private rooms, they also offer discounts for those staying longer than a week. They offer 30% to 60% off.

  • Laundry: There is a self-service laundry service for around $3.30 per load

If one is a penny-packed backpacker traveling on $25.00 a day, the food and drink here can end up blowing one’s budget. Nevertheless, Georgia is one of those totally budget-friendly countries.

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