JNUSU Requests Assignment of Hostel for Batch 2021 Students

Demanding the allocation of hostels for students in the 2021 batch and the resumption of offline classes for freshmen, the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) on Wednesday launched a sit-in protest outside the office of the dean of students of the university. . With banners and signs demanding the resumption of offline classes, an end to Zoom conferences and the immediate allocation of hostel rooms, dozens of students were seen protesting outside the dean’s office.

According to JNUSU Counselor Anagha Pardeep, many students are facing problems due to not allocating hostel rooms for freshmen.

“Despite several assurances, the dean’s office has not issued any notification in this regard,” Anagha said.

Earlier on Tuesday, JNUSU wrote to JNU Vice Chancellor Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit, requesting the start of physical verification of documents and allocation of hostel for the lot.

“Despite the authorization to open all educational institutions at full capacity, JNU still remains closed for the 2021 batch,” JNUSU noted.

The 2021 batch students “still haven’t received hostel rooms and the batch has to make do with online classes. Many of them are facing a lot of problems due to online classes,” it reads. in the letter.

“Since there are more than 1,500 places available in the hotel and the first semester is also over, we, on behalf of JNUSU, would request the physical verification of the documents and the allocation of the hostel so that the batch starts immediately,” he added.

Linda G. Ibarra