Kakatiya Medical College interns forced out of on-campus hostel due to power and water outage – Reuters

Through Express press service

HYDERABAD: In a case of disrespect to the selfless service of frontline warriors in the fight against COVID, 83 interns housed inside the campus of Kakatiya Medical College are asked to leave as the management has decided to close the hostels .

They were asked to go to a nearby hostel (REH) where the toilets and common rooms are in an unsanitary state. The management cut off the water and electricity, forcing the trainees to leave the hostel.

“Our ex-interns used to stay outside the hostel. But the pandemic forced us to look for accommodation here, as people were hesitant to rent their house to us. We stayed at the hostel for KMC women by paying Rs 5,000 per month, for a period of one year. Initially, we had no food, which forced us to eat out for the first two months,” said Shreya (name changed ), one of the trainees concerned.

“Imagine, after doing our best to serve patients in a 36-hour shift, we arrive at our hostel to find that the electricity and water connections have been cut off. Shelter to stay and basic amenities is what we ask for, not luxuries,” she said. The new Indian Express.

As interns have tested positive for Covid-19, they fear that unless they maintain good hygiene, it will be difficult for them to care for patients.

Linda G. Ibarra