Karnataka: Boy tries to sneak girlfriend into Manipal hostel in wheeled bag | Bangalore News

MANIPAL: A confident answer and the engineering student may have managed to get his girlfriend into his hotel room. But he stumbled when asked to explain the unusually bulging wheelie bag, and then the cat, well the girl in this case, was out of the bag.
The discovery happened at Manipal Engineering College hostel on Tuesday night. A student who saw the lovers’ plan unfold said the boy entered with the roller bag and caught the attention of the guard. The man asked why the student was carrying such a large luggage.
The student identified and replied that it contained items he had ordered online. This only confirmed the guardian’s suspicions.
The student in the suitcase was a dancer
The guard asked to see what was in the bag. The student tried his best to hang around saying it was delicate stuff, but the guard didn’t want it.
Eventually the suitcase was unpacked and the girl got out. The student witness said she was curled up in the suitcase. She is also a college student, he added, and a dancer who could have helped him contort easily. He clarified that a suitcase video trending on social media was actually an older incident.
Sources said the boy and girl had been suspended from their hostels. Inn sources said the two had returned home.
In April 2020, during lockdown, a similar incident was reported at a Mangaluru apartment when a ‘lonely’ 17-year-old boy tried to sneak into a male friend in a large suitcase.

Linda G. Ibarra