Kerala doctor arrested after cops found drugs in hostel room

Police said they raided the hostel where the accused, an in-house surgeon at the government medical college in Thrissur, was staying on the basis of a tip-off.

Kerala Police have arrested a 24-year-old doctor in Thrissur, after drugs were found at his home in Thrissur district. The contraband was found in his possession during a raid on his hostel building, police said on Tuesday, January 18. The man, originally from Kozhikode, worked as an internal surgeon at the government medical college in Thrissur.

A police officer said 2.78 grams of MDMA and a patch of LSD were recovered from him during a raid on a hostel adjacent to the medical school. “The raid was carried out at the hostel last night on the basis of a tip-off. Other doctors are believed to be involved. But we cannot release any further details at this time as it would help the culprits to escape,” he said. .

According to Mathrubhumi, the police also recovered hash oil from the doctor, along with several used bottles of hash oil. According to the report, the MDMA was brought to Thrissur from Bengaluru. According to other reports, the defendant said that 15 doctors would come to his room to use drugs.

Earlier in January, 16 people were taken into custody after a rave party was organized in Wayanad. Among those arrested was history leafter Kiramani Manoj, who was convicted by a court of murdering CPI(M)rebel leader TP Chandrasekharan in 2012. He allegedly attended a party thrown by a gangster called Kambalakkad Mohsin then that he was absent. on bail when the police raided the scene.

Chandrasekheran, who launched the Revolutionary Marxist Party (RMP), was stabbed 51 times by assailants on May 4, 2012 as he was riding his motorbike home near Kozhikode. In this case, the court sentenced 11 people to life imprisonment, including three mid-level CPI(M) leaders. The murder had created huge waves in the political scenario of Kerala.

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(With PTI inputs)

Linda G. Ibarra