Man sexually assaulted unconscious woman in hostel lounge while she was drunk

A pervert sexually assaulted an unconscious woman in a hostel after he locked the door and took advantage of her in a sickening attack. The victim had no memory of the assault, but was caught on video surveillance at the hostel.

Andrew Price, 44, carried out the attack on his victim, who has remained anonymous for life, in the communal lounge of a Cardiff hostel. Two witnesses were present just before the attack and described the victim as “drunk” and “tired”.

The accused arrived and sat down on a sofa and drank. Shortly after, he moved to the couch the victim was sitting on and leaned against her.

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Prosecutor Tim Evans told a sentencing hearing at Cardiff Crown Court on March 25 that the victim was “barely moving” and was either asleep or unconscious. At that point Price started touching her but there was still no response.

Both witnesses left the room at which point Price began to touch his victim between her legs over her clothing and touched her breasts. He then put his hands in his pants and stroked his face. Mr Evans said: ‘Clearly she’s not responding at all.’ Price then lowered the victim’s pants slightly and continued the assault.

CCTV footage later showed Price getting up, closing the door and locking it. He then tried to turn off the television, sat up again and patted the victim on the face to see if he was awake before putting his hand on his pants and touching him again.

At one point during the attack, the victim changed position and turned around quickly before falling back into a state of unconsciousness. When the victim woke up later, she tried to leave the room and found it was locked, before the accused opened it for her. Mr Evans said: ‘She had no idea what had happened to her.

The following morning complaints were made about Price’s behavior by both witnesses and after CCTV footage was reviewed, police were called and the accused was arrested. Price, who reportedly has a serious drinking problem, said he also did not remember the incident. The accused later pleaded guilty to sexual assault.

In a personal victim statement read out in court by Mr Evans, the victim said: “When I found out about this I was stunned. It’s disgusting, I can’t believe he did this to me. I’m glad he got arrested so he can’t do this to someone else Why did he do this to me in a living room on camera thank god it was caught on camera If it hadn’t been discovered, he might have done this to someone else.

Defense lawyer Susan Ferrier said her client was ‘completely ashamed’ that he had behaved the way he had and had no recollection of the offense due to his own poisoning. Ms Ferrier said Price had been dependent on alcohol for years, which had hindered relationships and employment.

At sentencing, Judge Richard Williams said: “You targeted a particularly vulnerable victim… You were intoxicated and ignored concerns about your own behaviour. You deliberately isolated your victim by locking the door to prevent others from finding out what you were doing. sure she was unresponsive to touch and sexually assaulted her. It was a sustained sexual assault where you rehearsed and vigorously grabbed her vagina. Price was sentenced to a total of four years in prison.

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Linda G. Ibarra