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While attendance remained low on the second day of campus reopenings on Thursday, colleges are hoping for better numbers in the coming week. Institutes with residential facilities believe that their students will only attend after the Diwali holidays as at present colleges are not allowed to provide accommodation facilities for students.

“Government has suggested reopening campuses in a phased manner, so we are only inviting students from outposts after the Diwali break. At present, we cannot open hostels for them at such short notice, it will also be impossible for students to find alternative accommodation,” said TA Shiware, speaking on behalf of Wilson College and President of the Mumbai Association of Non-Governmental Colleges.

In the second week of October, State Higher and Technical Education Minister Uday Samant announced the reopening of colleges in a phased manner only for fully vaccinated students. In a statement Oct. 13, Samant suggested that colleges implement the physical reopening of campuses in a phased manner and continue online classes for students who are not yet fully vaccinated.

“Colleges in the city are reopening in accordance with government orders, but we will also have to reopen hostels. We have set up a committee to study the possibility of reopening and suggest protocols. This committee will review this and submit its recommendation based on all government regulations and protocols at the earliest,” said PK Shajahan, Dean of Academics, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).

Some colleges in the city are also developing a plan to ensure that students from outlying stations are not left without accommodation. “Without the green light from the government, we cannot open hostels to students. At this time, we are developing a plan to ensure that only final year students are brought back to campuses first, followed by first and second year students,” the principal of a major college in the city told AFP. condition of anonymity.

He added that the state government’s decision to reopen colleges at such short notice, despite promising to do so only after the Diwali holidays, has upset college staff as well as students. “We will, however, have to follow government guidelines and bring students back in small groups,” he added.

Most colleges wore a deserted look on the first day of reopening. While undergraduate students are busy with exams, postgraduate students cannot attend classes, either because they are not fully vaccinated or because they are currently attending classes in different cities and country states.

“Unless the government gives us permission, hostels cannot reopen at this time. And without the support of hostels, students will not physically attend colleges,” said Rajendra Shinde, Principal of St Xavier’s College.


    Shreya Bhandary is a special correspondent covering higher education for the Hindustan Times, Mumbai. His job is to find flaws in the current education system and highlight the good and the bad in the institutes of higher learning in and around Mumbai.
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