Nigerian Startup Makes Hostel Accommodation Easy on Campuses

Davidson Okafor

Nigerian Startup Makes Hostel Accommodation Easy on Campuses

A Nigerian startup, says its platform will solve the challenges faced by students in their search for decent hostel accommodation in tertiary institutions. founder/CEO Davidson Okafor said the platform was there to save them from scammers posing as the hostel manager.

In an exclusive interview with, Davidson revealed that was born out of his heartbreaking experience of finding hostel accommodation as a new university student.
“It was so hard to find hostel accommodation as a new student, even after finding the hostel I loved, I almost lost my rent to scammers posing as hostel managers. hostel. When I discovered that many of my friends at school had had similar experiences, I realized the extent of the problem and decided to solve it”.
He explained that the e-property platform will not only be taken into account, but will also have an impact on the economy in terms of boosting job opportunities for students and revenue for the government.
“It will help create wealth for students by helping them to sublet their rooms. We also make life easier for their sponsors by reducing their financial burden with our “rent now, pay later” feature.
“Our solution will not only help students but also hostel providers, making their lives easier, selling more rooms, which will generate more revenue for them,” Davidson added.

He said the platform has partnered with several public and private organizations and is open to new collaborations with startups to enable students to access reliable hostel providers and earn money. to pay for their hostel accommodation.
“We partnered with Kwaba to finance the rent. This partnership has allowed us to make students’ lives more comfortable, giving them access to more money to pay their rents. Our partnership with Deexperience agencies in Anambra State will give more students access to better hostel providers.
TechDigest reports that the platform currently has support from the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund’s “Lagos Innovates” program and mentorship support from Tomi Davies through his TVCLabs accelerator.
“So far, we have validated our hypothesis on the best solutions to solve this student housing crisis and we would currently launch our main product before the end of January,” Davidson concluded.

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