OAU probes owner of hostel where student died in Soakaway

The management of Obafemi Awolowo University (OUA)Ife in Osun state has petitioned the owner of the private hostel Bvers Maintenance where Heritage Ajibola, a 100 level student at the school, died on Wednesday.

In a statement on Friday, management said there were allegations that the sump Ajibola fell into had not been properly covered for years.

In a statement titled “Death of Ajibola Heritage: SCID resumes investigation as OAU questions hostel owner,” management said it was awaiting a response to a query to the hostel owner. hostel.

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The statement reads in part as follows: “Heritage, who was residing in one of the PRIVATE HOSTELS, BVER, fell into the hostel’s septic tank through an opening which was allegedly not properly covered.

“In the meantime, the owner of the private hostel, BVER, where the incident took place, has been interviewed by the university management and his response is awaited.”

The statement is signed by Abiodun Olanrewaju, the institution’s spokesperson.

Earlier, Olanrewaju told IFJ that the sump was open because workers were emptying it of sewage.

“The sump was covered with a plank when they were trying to work there. The student just stepped on it as she tried to dry her clothes,” he said. noted.

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When the IJF called him to confirm why the university had put out mixed messages, he said claims that the cesspool had been open for years were still allegations.

Olanrewaju told FIJ that the university licenses and regulates privately built hostels for an agreed period of years before they become university property. He said the university is not responsible for the cost of rent or the number of occupants allowed.

When asked who provided security at these approved homes, he replied, “Because our students are there, we provide security because we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to them.”

Ajibola died on Wednesday after spending more than an hour trapped in a sump at her hostel. She had been a student for nine days.

Since his death there have been calls on social media with the hashtag #JusticeForHeritage for a full investigation into the circumstances of the incident.

Linda G. Ibarra