Pau students oppose offline class, entire hostel charges | News Ludhiana

Ludhiana: Students from various departments of the Punjab Agricultural University emailed the Dean of Postgraduate Studies stating that they did not wish to pay the accommodation fee for the entire semester and only had offline course.
They want the institute to resume online classes for the first semester. Starting Thursday, the PAU made offline courses mandatory for all programs. The students have a short notice, while those in the hostel don’t want to pay the full semester fee because the session will end in a month and the dorms were closed during the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.
One of the students said, “Because the notice for the offline classes came very late, many students couldn’t come to the university for these classes. Moreover, the government notification also allows studies to continue in online mode and most students would like this option. The semester will end in a month, then there will be quarterly exams. New students are unfamiliar with the university’s exam routine and pattern, so we asked Dean Sandeep Bains to resume online classes.
Another student said on condition of anonymity: “We don’t want to pay for hostel services that we haven’t used. Being charged for the entire semester is unfair. Even at the recommended 75% occupancy, it will be difficult to implement Covid protocol in hostels, so unvaccinated students should have a second option. We want to be taught in both online and offline mode for the first semester as these are government guidelines as well. Students have real transportation challenges, for those coming from Covid-19 hotspots and remote areas, in particular.
Asked about it, the university’s public relations officer, TS Riar, said, “We are following the guidelines of the Punjab government.”


Linda G. Ibarra