Russian troops are only a kilometer from the hostel, according to a Karnataka student stranded in Ukraine


Russian troops one kilometer from the hostel: Indian student

Chaitra Samshi from Yaraguppi village is stranded in Ukraine as all flights have been canceled

Chaitra Samshi from Yaraguppi village in Kundgol taluk district of Dharwad district, a third-year MBBS student at Kharkiv University, had booked her return ticket for the flight scheduled for February 28. But now she is stuck there because all flights have been canceled.

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“I am staying at the university hostel. The Russian troops are only a kilometer from the hostel. I had stored food in preparation for the crisis. The hostel staff assured us that we would be moved to a bunker if the situation was getting worse,” she said.

Her mother Sunanda from Yaraguppi village said Chaitra was safe for now. “I am very anxious and worried for his safety. I will only be relieved after he returns home,” she added.

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