Student Caught Sneaking Girl Out Of Hostel In Suitcase, Twitter Goes Wild

A CCTV video of a student dragging a friend out of a hostel in a suitcase has gone viral on social media, sparking a deluge of memes on Twitter.

Twitter users claimed that the incident allegedly happened in Manipal of Karnataka. However, the precise location of the college or inn is unclear.

In the video, which also reportedly made the rounds on social media in 2019, security officers question a student about a suitcase. They go ahead and ask her to unpack the luggage. And when he finally does, the girl appears.

Twitter users shared a series of memes surrounding an alleged “Manipal college”.

The city of Manipal is located in the coastal district of Udupi in Karnataka.

In an official statement to DHSP Kar from the Manipal Academy of Higher Education said, “The leaked video is fake and does not belong to any of the institutes/colleges of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education and its authenticity is questionable.”

The spokesperson also pointed to a Facebook post from 2019 that apparently includes a still image from the viral video.

One user has drawn a parallel with the dramatic return of retired WWE wrestler Undertaker.

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Here is another tweet that has gone viral.

The incident also sparked a response drawing parallels to the iconic teen movie mean girls.

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Linda G. Ibarra