Student suspended for trying to sneak girlfriend into hostel room – INDIA – GENERAL

MANIPAL: An engineering student has been suspended by college authorities after they caught him in the act as he tried to sneak his girlfriend into his hostel room in a trolley at Manipal in Udupi district in Karnataka. Hostel authorities also suspended his girlfriend for colluding with her boyfriend to enter her room.

According to sources, the boy entered the premises of the hostel with a large wheeled bag. When he had almost reached his room, the guard, noticing the unusually large wheeled bag, grew suspicious and questioned the boy.

Caught off guard by his questioning, the boy tried to convince the guard that some things he had ordered online were in the wheelie bag. The guard, who grew more suspicious from the responses, asked him to open the bag even as the engineering student tried to divert his attention to other issues and somehow escape. other.

When the bag was unzipped, to everyone’s shock, his girlfriend came out. Sources explained that the girl managed to slip into the roller bag as she is a dancer. The girl also studied at the same college.

The duo have returned home, sources say. The incident happened on Tuesday evening.

Linda G. Ibarra