Students survive unscathed after hostel ceiling collapses

Compiled by C. ARUNO and CHAN MAY THENG

THIRTY-seven students from the Ma’had Adda’wah Al-Islamiyyah Padang Menora hostel in Tasek Gelugor, Seberang Perai were nearly injured when the ceiling suddenly collapsed on Thursday, Cosmo! reported in its online edition.

School official Muhammad Aiman ​​Subri said when the incident happened at 5:20 a.m. a few students were still in the hostel but managed to escape to safety.

He said most of the students had completed their sahur while some students had just returned to the hostel to prepare to go to surau.

“All students and teachers are safe and sound. According to a renovation worker, this may have been caused by unstable steel structures,” he noted.

Muhammad Aiman ​​added that they needed to apply for funds to repair the damage estimated at RM30,000.

> A calf belonging to a farmer was killed by a tiger on Monday, malaysia reported.

Zulhanif Ab Manaf, 35, from Kampung Charuk Sireh in Chepir, Sik, said he was shocked to see tiger tracks in the barn where the three-month-old calf was.

He found the body of the calf near the fence of his barn.

He then reported the incident to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan).

“I came back on Tuesday morning to check the condition of the calf carcass and found that the tiger had eaten part of it,” he added.

He said Perhilitan staff members then set a trap near the barn and used some of the calf’s remains to lure the wild animal.

Perhilitan Wildlife Assistant for Sik District Muhammad Shahroni Hussain said the male tiger that was caught in the trap was released in Rimba Teloi forest around 1pm on Wednesday.

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Linda G. Ibarra