Tampa Heights’ Iconic Gram’s Place Hostel Is Now For Sale | Tampa

Here’s a chance to own a 30-year-old slice of BOTB Winner The history of Tampa before a developer got their hands on it. The iconic Gram’s Place Hostel in Tampa Heights-located at 3109 N. Ola Ave.. in the shadow of this historic Woodlawn cemetery – is now on the market for $689,000.

Founded in 1991 by Mark Holland and named for Winter Haven-born cosmic songwriter Gram Parsons, the entire estate comprises two properties and the operating business that sleeps 27.

On a trip to Amsterdam in 1989 for a ceremony honoring Parsons, Holland (who died in 2007) stayed in a hostel for the first time. The experience has been inspiring.

Today’s Gram’s Place Inn features two 1940s houses – the Ola and Plymouth houses connected by a wooden walkway – features five music-themed rooms, three dorm-style rooms, a treetop roost , a lovely pool and bar, one hell of a new coat of paint on the exterior, plus all the charm you’d expect from what is truly one of the last bastions of eccentricity in the rapidly changing neighborhood .

CL has been in contact with Bruce Holland who has run the Inn for a decade and a half, and we’ll update this post after talking at length about the property.—Ray Roa

Photos via Loopnet

Linda G. Ibarra