Temporary flats and homeless shelter rents rise in Glasgow

The advice is to increase rental charges for temporary accommodation and for hostels used to house the homeless.

Reasonable charges are allowed by law to pay for accommodation.

Rent for temporary accommodation is to rise by 2.5% to £159.83 per week.

For six council-run hostels, charges are also to rise by 2.5% to £364.64 per week.

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The increase applies to hotels in Chara Centre, Elder Street, James Mclean, Rodney Street, Maxwell Drive and Portman Street and will begin April 1.

The council said: ‘Rents are set on a cost recovery basis and service users who qualify for full housing benefit will receive housing benefit at the level of the applied rent.’

In a report to councillors, Mhairi Hunter Convener for Health and Social Care Integration, said: “There has been an increase in the number of temporary furnished apartments made available by RSLs in 2020/21 and 2021/22 to resolve problems encountered by the service following Covid-19.

“While a number of these have been short-term, there has been an overall increase in the stock of temporary serviced apartments.

“With these additional apartments, the estimated number of revenue-generating units in 2022/23 to spread the costs over is 1,690.”

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Rent is set at a level to cover the cost of providing temporary accommodation.

Ms Hunter added: “The cost of providing the pool of temporary furnished apartments in 2022/23 to be met by rental income is £14m.”

Last month, The Glasgow Times revealed the council owed millions in unpaid rent for temporary accommodation.

More than £5million in temporary accommodation costs for the homeless are due to Glasgow City Council.

In 2020 the council received £21,358,553 and owed a total of £5,163,685 in arrears.

Linda G. Ibarra