The IITGN is raising the rent for its summer hostel by 87% at the height of the pandemic. Holding Back the Hike Until – Edexlive

IIT Gandhinagar (Photo: IIT Gandhinagar)

IIT Gandhinagar is currently facing criticism from students for raising its hostel rent by 87% for the summer term, during the pandemic. While the students had paid Rs 4,000 as hostel rent for the summer term until 2020, they were asked to pay Rs 175 per day to stay in the hostel for the summer term 2021. The last day to pay the hostel rent was May 15th. Scholars currently staying on campus would also be affected by the hike.

To protest the decision, the students had written to the dean of student affairs at the institute, Sivapriya Kirubakaran, asking the IIT to suspend the fee hike until the economy picks up. A PhD student who did not wish to be named told EdexLive that while the decision to raise the hostel’s rent was made in 2019, none of the students expected it to be implemented in the middle of the pandemic. “It’s unfair to apply it now. The country is in the grip of a pandemic and an economic crisis. Many students cannot afford this,” he says. An email notifying students of the same was sent on February 8.

The students also asked the administration to extend the deadline for paying fees and to show the reasons for increases in the future. They also say that the increase in fees should be proportional to the inflation of the economy. “We believe this student uproar is due to repeated fee hikes and that the Institute is not reporting it enough,” read an email from the students to the administration. “Besides tuition, living expenses on campus itself are extremely high, even for the middle class. This compromises access to education for many sections of students,” he says. . Documents viewed by EdexLive show that despite the pandemic, the institute has also increased its mess fees by Rs 2,000.

We have written to the IIT asking for a reason for the increases. This copy will be updated once they respond.


Linda G. Ibarra