This haunted hostel in Ottawa will let you sleep in a solitary confinement cell

Spooky season is upon us, and it turns out Ontario has its fair share of spooky places. You can visit spooky places in the province that are full of real life ghost stories. Put aside your horror movies, because Ontario’s haunted places will give you goosebumps.

You can discover scary stories and unexplained events in these paranormal places.

From prisons with spooky pasts to restaurants with ghostly patrons, you’ll need to have a cool head when exploring these places.

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

Price: Ferry Fee

Address: Toronto Islands

Why you need to go: According to a Torontoist article, in 1812 the lighthouse keeper mysteriously disappeared from his house. It was said that he was murdered by two soldiers, dismembered and buried around the lighthouse. His ghost is said to still haunt the area today.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Price: Fees vary

Address: 1219 Burloak Drive, Oakville, Ontario

Why you need to go: Spruce Lane Farm in Bronte Creek has had several reports of hauntings. Strange footsteps, self-locking doors and paranormal apparitions are just a few of the sightings of this former Victorian mansion. The house is open several times a year, and you can contact the park for more information.

howling tunnel

Price: Free

Address: Warner Road, Niagara Falls, ON

Why you need to go: By St. Catharines standard, legend has it that a young girl was killed by her father and burned in the creepy tunnel. His spirit is said to haunt the underpass.

HI Ottawa Jail Hostel

Price: $40+ per night

Address: 75 Nicholas Street, Ottawa, ON

Why you need to go: You might have nightmares sleeping in this place. The historic prison allows guests to sleep in former cells and still contains the original gallows. Hostelling International Canada claims that bodies have been found under the hostel’s parking lot, and reviews suggest that ghosts are very comfortable there.

Kingston Penitentiary

Price: $40 and up

When: Until October 31, 2021

Address: 560 King Street West, Kingston, ON

Why you need to go: You might spot several ghosts when visiting this prison. Rumor has it that George Hewell, a violent inmate who used to beat guards, wandered around the prison. He swore he would seek revenge against a guard who retaliated in self-defense.

Old Fort Erie

Price: $13.50 per adult

When: October 23, 29 and 30, 2021

Address: 350 Lakeshore Road, Fort Erie, ON

Why you need to go: Visit the site of Canada’s bloodiest battle, where visitors say they saw two soldiers wandering in the dark, one without hands and the other without a head.

Coach & Lantern Pub

Price: Prices vary

Address: 384 Wilson Street East, Hamilton, Ontario

Why you need to go: This British pub is full of tales of strange glowing orbs displayed in photographs and a vanishing gentleman who showed up multiple times.

The Olde Angel Inn

Price: Prices vary

Address: 224 Regent Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Why you should go: Legend has it that in 1813, a Canadian militia officer was killed by American soldiers on his way to meet his lover at the inn. His ghost is said to wander the halls at night, yearning for his beloved. It is considered harmless as long as the British flag flies over the inn.

PRZ Paintball

Price: $20+ per player

Address: 204 Kingsley Road, Picton, Ontario

Why you need to go: The site was a Canadian Forces base until 1969, when it was reportedly turned into a “hospital for the mentally handicapped.” Unconfirmed stories of patient abuse and possible deaths have attracted paranormal investigators over the years. The area is now an epic paintball field.

Fort Georges

Price: $30 per adult

Address: 51 Queen’s Parade, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Why you must go: The spirits of soldiers and their families have been said to haunt this historic military base and battle site. Ghostly figures of a tall man following guests and a man in white lying on beds have been reported.

Oakville Market Square

Google Maps

Price: Free

Address: Corner of Navy Street and William Street, Oakville, ON

Why you need to go: At least one tour group has reported smelling a unique burning smell, which is especially scary because an old prison burned down here.


Price: $15

When: October 29 and 30

Address: Fergus, ON

Why you need to go: Take a tour of the place designated as Canada’s most haunted village and spend a day wandering the streets and visiting historic sites in the hope of spotting a ghost.

Airbnb haunted house


Price: $140 per night

Address: Penetanguishene, ON

Why you need to go: The quaint Victorian home has something sinister lurking inside. Guests have reported ghost sightings, including a man looking at himself in a mirror with an angry woman by his side.

Skeleton Park

Price: Free

Address: 30 Alma Street, Kingston, ON

Why you should go: If the name isn’t spooky enough, this park has a dark past. It was once a cemetery, which was bulldozed as it fell into disrepair. Human remains are still uncovered to this day and you can see pieces of tombstones in the ground. Visitors have reported paranormal sightings, spooky haze, and more.

Dundurn Castle

Price: $14 per adult

Address: 610, boul. York, Hamilton, Ontario

Why you need to go: According to the archives of the Hamilton Public Library, Dundurn Castle holds some spooky secrets. Sir Allan MacNab, Canada’s pre-Confederation Prime Minister, originally lived in the castle with his family. The history of the castle is littered with hangings, illnesses and deaths, and chanting, moving objects and strange drafts have been reported.

Humber College Lakeshore Campus

Address: 3199, boul. Lakeshore. O., Etobicoke, ON

Why you need to go: According to an article on Humber ETC, the Lakeshore campus is scarier than it looks. The campus was once the site of a mental hospital, and hundreds of people have reported seeing the ghost of a nurse.


Orangeville town hall

Address: 87 Broadway, Orangeville, ON

Why you need to go: Apparently Orangeville City Hall is haunted by more than one spirit. It was in the book haunted town halls and was visited by paranormal investigators.

Agnes Etherington Center for the Arts

Price: Free

Address: 36 University Avenue, Kingston, ON

Why you need to go: Staff have reported seeing the ghost of Agnes Etherington, after whom the building is named, wandering the halls of the art gallery. One member of staff said they once saw a piano playing by itself, while another said they heard a disembodied voice reminding them to turn off the lights before closing for the night.

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In Ontario, a vaccine passport is required to access certain events, services and businesses, including restaurants and bars.

Linda G. Ibarra