UA students protest the barn and demand the construction of a girls’ home: what we know

After days of online protests, students at Delhi University’s Hansraj College took to the streets against the establishment of a cow protection and research center on campus. and demanded that a women’s hostel be built there instead.

The Student Federation of India (SFI) unit at Hansraj College has alleged that a ‘gaushala’ was built on the site reserved for a women’s hostel. The students said ‘gaushala’ would not be tolerated and a women’s hostel should be built on the site..

What the college principal said

Rama Sharma, Principal of Hansraj College, denied it was a “gaushala” and said that only one cow had been kept to the Swami Dayanand Cow-Protection and Research Center for research purposes. She also said that the architects informed the college authorities that the site where the center has been set up is a secluded area and therefore a hostel cannot be built there.

Hansraj College

“The unavailability of safe and cheap residential facilities has been one of the main difficulties faced by female students and discourages them from leaving their hometowns and studying in the cities, which is a growing problem for our country” , said Mushfin, unit secretary of the SFI. , Hansraj College.

“Save Public Education”, “Priority to Student Welfare”

Hansraj College Gaushala
Representative picture

The protest, which was called by SFI, was supported by other student bodies like the All India Students Association and the Krantikari Yuva Sangathan. The students demonstrated in front of the college and held signs with slogans such as “Save public education”, “Priority to student welfare”, “No to the saffronization of education” and “We recover our campus”.

Aditi Tyagi, chairperson of SFI Unit, Hindu College, said the construction of the ‘gaushala’ is “shameful” as there are only a few women’s hostels at Delhi University with exorbitant fees.

The SFI said it will launch a campaign to demand that every college build a hostel. “SFI will unite students across the university for this campaign,” said Abhishek Kumar, a member of the SFI Delhi State Committee.

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Linda G. Ibarra