UUM student dies in hostel, father demands full explanation

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A 20-year-old accounting student from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in Sintok, Kedah died last Saturday in her hostel room.

S Vinosiny, a fourth semester student, is believed to have died from an electric shock.

She returned to campus just a week before the tragedy.

Her father, R Sivakumar, 65, confirmed his daughter’s death when contacted by Malaysiakini yesterday.

Previously, she was studying online because of the pandemic. I sent her back to campus on May 14, 14, and now she had left us forever.

R Sivakumar on the sudden death of his daughter.

No clear explanation from UUM and police

Sivakumar said UUM management called him last Saturday at 3 p.m. to tell him that his daughter had fallen and lost consciousness.

He said they vaguely informed him and did not explain what really happened.

After asking if there was any indication that her daughter was still alive or not, they just told her she was dead.

The hostel room is now closed and I can’t check the situation there. His phone was also still in the locked room. The police only gave me his wallet and ID card.

R Sivakumar expressing his frustration trying to find out the truth.

The funeral took place in Klang yesterday morning.

Sivakumar said he would fight for permission to learn more about his daughter’s death without a clear explanation.

He said there were visible burn marks on his daughter’s face and right hand.

He also noted his blackish-purple fingers when the doctor showed him the body of the deceased at Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Setar.

Father just wants the truth

Sivakumar said the doctor who performed the autopsy also informed that the cause of death was electric shock.

I told them that I wanted to know the real thing and that I wanted to know how my daughter died. They just asked me to wait for further investigation when the doctor himself had already told me the cause of death.

R Sivakumar on the university’s delay in providing details of his daughter’s death.

He is angry at the university for not saying so clearly when they informed him of the incident.

He says the tragedy happened and he wants the truth, especially the cause (electric shock).

I don’t want the same thing to happen to other students. I’m sure there is something wrong with the university facilities, but will the university admit it? I will fight for the truth.

R Sivakumar saying he wouldn’t give up to find out what really happened.

Meanwhile, UUM, in a statement, expressed sadness at what happened.

UUM said the cause of death has not been identified and it is still awaiting a full autopsy report from the hospital.

The university also promised to provide appropriate assistance to reduce the burden on the family.

Official UUM statement.

Case classified as sudden death

Meanwhile, Berita Harian quoted Kubang Pasu District Police Chief Superintendent Rodzi Abu Hassan as confirming that his department had received a report on Vinosiny’s death.

The case is still classified as sudden death pending autopsy report.

Rodzi said the initial investigation revealed that the deceased had had a seizure.

The incident was revealed by the student association Progressive Student Front UUM (SPF UUM).

In a statement released yesterday, the UUM SPF also urged the university to release details of the incident to avoid speculation among students.

Meanwhile, netizens blasted the Ministry of Higher Education for its silence on the matter.

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Linda G. Ibarra