Watch: Indian student tries to sneak girlfriend into hostel by hiding her in suitcase, gets caught, India News News

In a bizarre incident, an engineering student was caught red-handed trying to sneak his girlfriend into his hostel by the guard.

The sound is normal? Well, the unique thing about the incident was that the girl was actually hiding in a wheelie bag.

The incident happened in Manipal on Tuesday evening, several media reported.

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According to eyewitnesses, the wheeled bag caught the attention of the guard when the student attempted to enter the hostel. The boy was interrogated by the guard to find out why he was carrying huge and heavy luggage.

At this, the student stuttered and said it contained items he had ordered online. The answer did not appease but only confirmed the guardian’s suspicions.


So he asked the boy to open the bag because he wanted to see the items inside.


Although the student tried to stop the guard giving the argument that the goods were quite delicate, the guard did not move.

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When the bag was opened, the girl was found curled up inside. She was also a college student and a dancer, according to a report citing a student eyewitness.

Social media erupted over the incident. Several people shared comments, memes, etc.

The boy and girl were suspended from the hostel and sent home, he added citing sources.

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Linda G. Ibarra