Where to watch it online?

Romantic movies with a dash of thriller element never go out of style. Love Hostel’ will try to capitalize on this as it prepares for a release this month. If you are looking to get information about the same then you have come to the right place.

This article will talk about the new romantic thriller, starting with its release date. If nothing changes, the movie will be uploaded on February 25, 2022. As for its release time, we expect it to be 12:00 PM India Standard Time (IST). Since the film’s target audience is the Indian crowd, it’s a safe bet.

However, knowing the release date and time of the movie won’t do you any good if you don’t know the platform to watch it online. That said, let’s reveal where to stream “Love Hostel” online in the next section.

Where to watch ‘Love Hostel’ online?

Image credit: Zee TV

Instead of releasing on mainstream options like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, the 2022 movie will be coming to Zee5. To watch the film on the platform, just go to this page.

As of late, Zee5 has been doing pretty well in releasing big titles. Recently, it was confirmed that Ajith’s Valimai will also be coming to Zee’s streaming service after the theatrical release.

Plot ‘Love Hostel’: what to expect?

According to the trailer for the film, it revolves around the life of a young couple from northern India. Here’s what the film’s official synopsis says about its plot:

“Set against the thrilling backdrop of rustic North India, Love Hostel traces the volatile journey of a fiery young couple, hunted by a ruthless mercenary.”

Are you excited for the movie’s OTT release? Let us know your honest thoughts in the comments section below.

Linda G. Ibarra